Saturday, February 08, 2014

Stride Adaptive Sports Ski Team Practise

Every Saturday morning at 6:30 AM Elliot and I head up to Jiminy Peak because this year he is learning ski racing with the Stride Adaptive Sports Ski Team.  Driving  2 hours, early in the morning, has it surprises, like when we saw Bigfoot on Route 55 just after crossing the border into New York.


Elliot's coach, Jaime, teaches Elliot body control and balancing his weight for turning.  A couple of weeks ago we had a cold day but today was even colder.

After a couple of warm up runs on 180 we headed to the top the mountain and took West Way down to the practice course.

Finally, we got to the course and took our first run and Elliot did great!  I know he was tempted to do another run but his feet were cold, he was hungry and needed a break.  Next week we are going back for more!

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