Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yellow and Blue for Newtown, CT

It was a simple gesture to show solidarity for my town during this tragedy.
I am still shell shocked, like I was during 9/11.
I needed a ride to find my Peace of Mind


I haven't been to Huntington since Hurricane Sandy and there are still remnants of the destruction in the woods.  Most notably, my favorite roller in the Big Burn now has two, massive trees down on it.

The far right side is still rideable but at some point it would be good to cut these trees and make skinnies out of them!


On the rerouted Glacial Erratic Trail a mud pit was forming on a turn just before the Spine Line.


I spent a considerable amount of time armoring it.  I had to scour long and far for flat rocks but I got the job done!

It rides really nice!

10 mile ride that hit a lot of single track.  I felt much better when I got home and hung out with my kids all evening.


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eastwood said...

Man, they are lucky to have you up there - willing to stop during a ride to take all that time to armor a spot (that clearly needed it). Hope people throw free beers your way now and again!