Friday, December 07, 2012

Got Forked Up Last Night!

My new (to me) White Brothers Fluid 110 29er fork finally arrived Thursday after some delivery issues.  I got a screaming good deal from a Misfit Psycles Garage Sale that I just couldn't pass up.  In fact, it was sheer luck that the fork was still available because when I contacted Peter he said the last buyer's card failed.  Then, getting it down here seemed to be a challenge.  It got returned to sender once and I was afraid I wasn't going to get it and then I would be screwed because I already traded my Carver Carbon Fiber fork for an Avid BB7 brakeset and some handlebars.  However, it finally came!  Woo hoo!

Kicking the car out of the garage and firing up the Kerosun heater the garage was magically transformed back into the man cave/bike shop.  With a fresh six pack of Naragansett Porter and Sirius Liquid Metal on the stereo, I got to work.  I wanted to try this 120mm, adjustable height stem from SpotBrand Bikes that I got with the Long Board but never used in order to make the cockpit larger seeing that this is a 19" frame and a tad small on me.  The only 31.8 bars that I have are these really wide, 762mm Sunline bars that I got in trade for the Carver.

I had to trim 20mm off the sheath that the stem sits on.  That hacksaw that I found at the dump a few months ago came in handy for this operation but I really need find a better cutting guide.

My box of cables yielded enough housing to cover both front and rear brakes.

Just need to decide whether to keep these cranks or go with my newer race face cranks on the Raleigh XXIX.

Going to use my Tubeless wheelset for now.

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