Sunday, October 16, 2011

REI & Fairfield County NEMBA Trail Work Day

There was an outstanding turn out for the first Fairfield County join Trail Maintenance event with REI and FC NEMBA.  What I thought was going to be a simple re-route of a fall line climb and a mud pit became a major trail relocation.  If you got there early you would have gotten an REI t-shirt but I got there late and did not. 

Rich Coffey benches the start/end of the trail
There are actually two entrances, the normal vanilla way and then a challenge/feature that runs through the scar of perhaps a fallen down tree or some ancient prospecting hole.

The hole itself was armored because it was really soft in the middle.

Ed Perten was there and he comes from Milford!

I started benching this 100' section myself and then later helped by Vince Rinaldi.  While a lot trail was raked there could have been more benching, or at least removing the duff. Exposing the mineral soil makes for quicker compaction of the treadway and that means a better trail in the long run.  All the duff means that will be susceptible to getting muddy in wet weather. 

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Dave Francefort lead an effort to create a spineline.  

And an off camber roller was created, too, by Ryan Tucker

FC NEMBA had their own Trail Crew shirts made up, too, however I am not sure if the picture of the Ninja sends the right message.  

Does the Ninja mean that they are going to be building stealthy trails?  I interpret that as they are going to be building illegal trails on the down low.  I don't think that is the case but one could certainly get that impression.  I would have put a Rogue Hoe somewhere on the shirt and call it "Trail"

Regardless of the Wardrobe choices there was serious work being done on this trail relocation.  With so many people on hand the whole trail was done.  

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