Saturday, October 22, 2011

First ride on the Qball

Headed out to the Gussy on Qball this morning around 11 AM.    First time out on the Qball as a geared 29er hard tail and what a ride it was!  I started riding this bike as a rigid single speed back in 2006.  In 2007 I put a Marzocchi fork on the front and rode it as a hard tail until 2009 when I went Monster Cross on it and been riding that way up until now, with 5 different cockpit changes that included Gary Bars (flared drops) reversed three speed bars, road drops, Salsa Woodchippers and Misfit Fme bars.

Not ready for the colder temps so I waited for it to warm up.  Beautiful day to be on a bike today.  Ran into three guys riding down the Poly Brody and two hikers on the Gussy Trail.  One thing I noticed was how excellent the Fox Fork is.  Solid and reponsive and better than the Manitou Minute.  I would like to put it on the Spot but it doesn't have enough steering tube for that application.  Steel is real and riding today was buttah!  

The one thing that I didn't like was these flat bars that I put on.  They are a whole 2 inches shorter than the flats on the diSSent and felt really weird.  It reminded me of the steering wheel of Cheech's care in "Up and Smoke."

Up in Smoke (1978) Paramount Pictures
Ever since I started riding the Kona I have to say that I really like bar ends again, especially when they are angled flat.  Something about that position feels so different but so right, especially when I am climbing that I think I am going to have to try some Ergons on this rig.

On the ride home, the rear wheel felt wobbly so I took it to one of my LBSs that I frequent and it needed some work.  Might ride it again Sunday after the trail work but it depends on how I feel.  

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