Sunday, October 02, 2011

Fall Fiesta: The Wafflers' Ride

 (l to r):  Mike, Tren, Mark, John
After the rain let up and all the other rides took off, Tren and I hung out for any late comers.  Sure enough, we had a taker.  Mike wasn't sure the ride was on but decided to check it out anyway.  Same with John, only he was coming down from Massachusetts so while he was getting ready the three of us took a practise loop.  Once back at the tent we picked up John and headed off on what was to be a 6 mile XC ride the Intermediate Route for the Fall Fiesta.

Leaving as late as we did meant we probably wouldn't wouldn't be hitting the trail out the Blackledge Falls and with all the rain we got the Ribbon Trail was a no go.  So today's route (in blue) followed the route that was laid out for the Fall Fiesta, for the most part.  

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