Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Less Tooth

I finally rode the 19t cog in a condition when I knew what was going on and there is a slight difference over the 20t. Looking back on Sunday, I realize that I did not drink enough water while working on the trails at the Pequonnock River Valley and got dehrydrated. I didn't take any chances for Tuesday's training ride at Huntington. Prior to leaving the office I downed a 32 oz bottle of Powerade and then I refilled that bottle with water and drank that. En route, I hit the local 7-11 for an additional 32oz bottle of water and a Gatorade that I knew would fit in my bottle cage. Also ate 4 granola bars and a banana.

Decided to mix things up a bit and do a distance ride. Added some new trails into the mix, a lot of which was mostly single track. I wanted to finish the ride with 10 miles under my belt so I took a spin on the NEMBA Rock and Roll Trail. Probably shouldn't have done that because I was tiring and not paying enough attention and ended up endoing again (also did it Sunday) in almost the same exact spot I endoed on October 31st, 2006 in which I smashed my knee cap and from that injury probably was the reason I got a blood clott in my knee a month later.

Looks like I am going to race on Sunday. Ride once more to work this week and knock out some laps Friday after work and I will be ready to race. Finishing today's ride I still had lots in the tank. I did hit my max on the heart rate while climbing the South Pond Gravel Grinder. Funny thing is that I didn't feel like I was over doing it and despite the warnings I climbed the whole hill.

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