Friday, July 30, 2010

The Friday Fix: What's in your office?

You might be wondering what does this post have to do with riding fixed gears.  Well, since I only commute on a fixed gear it's relevant to the Friday Fix but then again, this is more of a commuting-esque post than fixed gear.

Who uses file cabinents or credenzas anymore? I am in IT and everything we do is online and electronic so I don't need a filing cabinet. Instead, I use mine for my shower shoes, belt and dress shoes just so that I can lighten my load just a little bit. While riding to work is fun, especially riding fixed, the logistics of riding to work can be daunting. What works for me is to leave a few things at the office, including toiletries (they are in my other filing cabinet) and just carry my clothes in the garment bag pannier I have.

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