Thursday, July 29, 2010

Improve your skill, not the trail

There is this little technical section on NEMBA's Rock and Roll Trail that for all of it's briefness always put the fear of god in me because on the big 29er wheels if I were to stall out I would be in the pond! Some A-Hole decided to smooth section out and now it's no longer technical. I would like to find out who did this and make them pick up all the road apples at Huntington.

There is always one bad apple that spoils the bunch. Over in Easton/Weston, CT at Trout Brook Valley there were reports of people poaching the trails during the off season. Turns out it was someone who lived next to the area. I hope the person who defiled the trail realizes what they have done only hurts the trail. I can see possibly why they wanted to change this because it makes this section more flowy. But, hey, if you want flowy trails then you are in the wrong part of the country.


Anonymous said...

El Presidente, are you not aware that this was Paula's misguided initiative?

Mark said...

She was complaining about this the other day and I finally saw it for myself.

Anonymous said...

Umm hello

That's the same spot.

Mark said...

Yeah, I even posted on that thread. However, this is the first time I saw it.