Friday, July 23, 2010

The Friday Fix: I Bucked One and Timbuktu, two

If you recall, I got a new computer bag from Timbuktu so that I thought I would have a hip and cool way to get to and from work with the laptop by bike. My earlier attempts to ride with the bag failed simply because I didn't realize when wearing it over the shoulder the computer side should be facing outwards and the softer compartment side should be in towards your body. That is because that part of the bag actually molds around your hips and but and with the shoulder strap tightened will stay in place. At least that is what I found out a few months ago by accident.

So, on last Friday's ride home I applied my new found knowledge and rode with the bag this way and, OMG, it was much more comfortable. It held snuggly to the body and barely moved on me.  After descending I needed to make some adjustments because of all the hammering that takes place, but I am sure minor adjustments along the way for messengers and hipsters alike are always needed.  Still, I would rather not have to ride with the computer at all but I will take this for now.

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