Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not bad after a week of not riding?

That's right, I was sitting in a boat for a week fishing and not riding.  While the muscle tightness is gone the power seems to still be there, at least we'll see in the next day or two when I start training hard for the next Root 66 race that is in two weeks!  

I met Rick for a loop at Upper Paugussett.  I got in a little warm activities and then left him back at the lot and did a repeat part of the Body and then down the Mulikin over to the Pond Brook Boat Ramp.  Looks there is still an ATV coming into the forest but it seems he sticking to the forest road.

The new up and over needed some clean up near it.  I almost tanked it on the first try.  Bike started making some noise three quarters into the ride and couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  Finally I found that one of my chain ring blots came out.  500+ miles and now this?  Looks like it's over haul time for the Dillinger.  Picked up a new SRAM PC-1 at the bike shop today and I am going to mount a 19t for my last two races of the season, Hodges Village and Wompatuck (all I have time for).

Here is a little video of Rick riding the new skinny.

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