Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another view of Le P'tit Train du Nord

Once again, my love for fishing clashes with my love for riding.  On the way home from Deer Horn Lodge and the Cabonga Reservoir we passed through Mont Laurier which is the trail head for Le P'tit Train du Nord, which is a 200KM linear park that runs between St Jerome and Mont Laurier.  Unfortunately, no time to ride the trail but at some point I would love to spend a week riding the trail, that is two days up and two days back for a total of 400KM, or 240 miles of riding.

I would have to figure out some way to get panniers on the Qball but it would be worth it.  The Qball Monster Cross would be the perfect bike for this trail, and doing it fixed would be even better!

It was cool that I was able to get off a quick picture of people riding the trail.

At this very spot (below), 30 years ago, I recall seeing a box car.  That was on my first YMCA camp trip into Canada and now look at it.

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trailsnet said...

While I was riding the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia, I met a Canadian gentleman who told me about the P'tit Train du Nord.
Since then, it's been on my list of "must-do" trails.