Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There is green and then there is green!

When I originally saw these online they looked like they had a deeper hue but it turns out, in the flesh, there is bit too much yellow in them. Still, there are bar ends and then there are bar ends! Look at those handles! The picture below is a little blurry but I think you can see the difference between my old pair and these!

Against the pearl green of the Dillinger these Ergons definitely stand out but I like them. I know someone who rides a green Voodoo Canzo, in which the hue of green would be a perfect match. It appears the owner already has them.

Can't wait to do some climbing and give these a try!

They still look Ergo-licius to me! And they are half the weight of my old ones.

Green is addicting!


Adam Roth said...

Nice grips, DD, but I'm waiting for the BioKork Ergons:


Mark said...

Those are nice. Might have to consider getting a pair, too.

Thomas said...

hehehyaa.. they are day-glo... look great on the voodoo with my anti freeze green rims and the Green jagwire cables. Hey, Jagwire makes a Kelly green wire now, should check in out, think it'll match your bike nice. Little darker but would be a nice accent.