Sunday, December 13, 2009

Single Speed Tune UP

You may be wondering what goes into a single speed tune up and the truth is there is quite a lot you can do, especially if you ride rigid.

First this is to check the torque on some major bolts like the EBB. Tighten the headset cap and the rear axle. Make some adjustments to the brakes.

One thing I decided to do what go back to my FSA seatpost as a test to see if there is something really wrong with the Carbon one or is it just the seat bag causing the problem.

Last thing I did was to move my break levers in towards the stem because I have found that trying to hold the brakes with two fingers and the grips with other two wearing winter riding gloves was very difficult.

After the Dillinger, I moved onto the Qball where tuned the rear derrailleur and made the front derailleur go for the middle and outer rings.

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