Wednesday, December 02, 2009

First Family Ride

We did our first family ride at the conclusion of the holiday weekend. Loading the car took some time and then hooking everything up and getting ready to go took even more time but we got out on the trail. Rode down the Monroe Rail Trail to Wolfe Park. Michele loves her new bike, so much that she can't wait to drop the kids off at her mothers and go for a long ride and maybe dinner for two afterwards. I would ride my fixed gear of course!

Brodie rode the trail-a-bike and Katie was on her Giant.

Elliot rode his 20 inch wheeled bike and had no trouble on the way down to the park but on the way home, almost cried the whole way because he was tired and wanted to ride on the trail-a-bike. In fact to get back to the car, I had to ride along side him and push him along, while pulling Brodie on the Trail-a-Bike and I was riding fixed. We made it but it was tough.

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Anonymous said...

That is the same ride we do. We usually pack a lunch and eat down by the lake concession stand picnic tables. It's a good ride for the little ones, but my older kids always feel like they want to ride more (me too).

Your wife's bike looks a little like my wife's Jamis. I hope your wife keeps with it. My wife's bike is gathering dust.


can5 said...

Family ride rocks! :)