Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rigid and Frigid in the Snow!

What a difference a snow storm makes. Last Saturday when we rode Trumbull is was schweet! Then we get a 8 inches of snow and now it stinks, well sort of. If you are blasting your own track it was pretty good but all the popular trails were already well trodden with snowshoes, other bikes, and plenty of feet. It was no joy. Probably rode half and hiked-a-bike the other. I think having gears would have made it better. Might have the 'Horse back this weekend and I will definitely take it to Upper Paugussett.

Up in the ledges section, somebody went big!

Fire road looking north east

Saw this downy woodpecker working on a sapling.

This woodpecker must have been hungry because he didn't notice me for a good five minutes as I got off a good picture of him and just enjoyed his little show.

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