Tuesday, December 08, 2009

2010 Raleigh Talus 29

Saw this one at Brookfield Bike, a Raleigh Talus 29, the newest edition to the Raleigh 29er line up. Granted to get the price point down they cut some corners and and made some enhancements at the same time. The stock model is a little heavy, something like ~32 lbs for the 18 inch model. Also, they went with the Dart3, however the blue anodized Cane Creek headset and matching rims are definitely eye catching. The price tag is worth noting, too, just $850! Definitely an entry level 29er but an interesting mix of components.
The original XXIX line just got some frame color changes, however, there is nothing new with the XXIX Pro, a geared, steel hard tail with some nice parts.
The XXIX G. Clearly a step down from the pro in terms of components evidence being the Rock Shox Tora and the Truativ drive train.
Finally, the base model, the XXIX, get's a nice make over with matching rims and color cordinated headset and setpost clamp.

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