Monday, May 19, 2008

Ghost Chain Ring

Here is my attempt at a Ghost Chain Ring. The freewheel is a 15t, the next cog is a 22t (granny gear) and upfront is a 32t. The wheel that I am using is off a bike that salvaged from the dump. A friend of mine works over there and drops off a bike every so often that I will strip for parts or even experiment with a build into something unusual, for example the Dumpgoose.

You might notice that this wheel that I am using is really out of true so I will have to take it in to the shop and get it trued up. After the ride yesterday I got to thinking about how to utilize my wheels, gearing, and tires. I really want to use these Kenda Kross tires that I bought for commuting for riding rail trails but using them with the Atomblast set that I have is really overkill.

I want to keep the original Redline rear wheel configured as a Flip Flop for off road riding and that is when remembered the latest bike from the town dump was a bolt on! Turns out, when I took the cassette off, it was a threaded one, and I just happened to have a 15t freewheel not being used and now I have a use for it!

The next two pictures are a fine example of what happens when you don't ensure the tire bead is hooked into the rim properly. The funny this was, all of a sudden there was this crunching noise and the the tube started grow out from the tire and rim until it stopped as you see below.

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29ner said...

Very strange ? I never seen that happen before ? Is that a Large volume Tire (3.0 ) etc ???

29ner said...

Have you tried "Ghost" on a Fixed setup yet?

Mark said...

The tire is a 26x1.95 and it's a matching tube. It was pretty wild how it just grew out of the tire.

MTBR says you should be able to run the Ghost Chain Ring fixed as well but I haven't seen anyone else try it. Might be something to try and see if it works.