Friday, May 30, 2008

The Friday Fix

Welcome to the Friday Fix. Every Friday I will post something related to the Fixed Gear community. For example, Cycle Snack recently got linked to the Fixed Gear Gallery (thanks Dennis!) and check out the increased hit rate on the blog. Kind of cool to see all the traffic but the question will be, how many of those first time visitors will come back for more snacks? I hope they find something useful or entertaining to come back for a second, third or even more helpings.

More Mountain Fixies!

Check out this tasty treat: Smoke Bikes, LLC. Very trippy but they have some cool frames and they are all fixies! Check out their Freak Bikes section. If you think my 69er fixie is odd, check out some of their concoctions.

Here's a fixie from Connecticut:

I emailed the owner when I saw Southern CT, thinking he might be from Fairfield County, but turns out he lives over near Branford. That explains the big ring up front. Try that ratio up in my neck of the woods and unless you are Lance, you'll be walking some hills!

It appears that the FixedGearGallery may have some competition: The Single Speed Garage, which is part of the website The Garage is my kind of place. Going to have to get my four single speeds up on it now.

You are probably wondering what is the fourth bike, right? No, it's not the 1970's Raleigh that I got for a six pack of Bass Ale. Since the deraileur is still mounted to the frame, that bike is technically still geary. Do roadies understand what geary means? Although, it's intended to be SS/Fixed once I can find a good deal on another flipflop hub.

The Qball is my first single speed, the Fixation is second, and Barney the Purple Cannondale is third. The fourth single speed bike in the stable is ... I will give you a hint, it's steel, it has an Italian name, and it's made in Japan.

Here is a little taste of my fourth single speed and second fixie:

Finally found a use for those cross tires I experimented with last year

New Bars and Tape

High Magnesium Steel


What do you think it is?

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