Saturday, May 03, 2008

All Gussied up!

Today's ride is brought to you by BBC's Imperial Stout (unofficially of course)! Consumed from my laser etched Crankfire pint glass. Now that is living!

Seeing that the trail is pretty much clear all the way through I decided to throw in a loop with the Brodie Road and did the whole shooting match under any hour! Road the 'Horse today and as always, a pleasure to ride. I had to do a Mulligan in the Wet Spot because I tried the line I took with Qball during the last ride and that didn't work for the 'Horse. Had to come in tight around the tree (with the tape) and shoot across. What a difference 29 inch wheels make!

There was a fresh set of horse tracks on the trail. Probably from the last day or two. Nice to see the Equestriennes out using the trail. Didn't see any horse dootie on the trail either. Speaking of which my EEDR posts have been getting some international attention. Someone on a Canadian Horsey forum made a sophomoric comment on my EEDR post without reading the whole post. I went onto that forum gave the poster a piece of reality and only to find the Admin deleted the thread because the poster in question was supposed to be a short reign (pardon the pun).

One thing I noticed is that the Upper Gussy needs a lot, and I mean a lot of benching! Still it's a kick ass trail and pleasure to ride.

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