Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Diamond in the rough?

At 8:29 PM this evening I put up the following post on the NYC - Fairfield County, CT Craigslist and from 8:49 PM till 11:10 PM, received 22 inquiries about this bike. Similarly, I put up the same ad on the New Haven Clist, and got 6 responses in the span of an hour. Of course, one thing you have to be wary about when selling something on the Clist are the scammers and it seems there were a lot more coming from NY than in CT.

I did respond to three of the inquiries from the New Haven board - sent measurements, which include the seat tube length of 24" and the top tube of 22" but I am not sure how this bike measures out in the metric system. However, with all the responses, I am wondering if maybe I am asking too little for this bike. Afterall, it's practically a relic, especially if you are a fan of Cannondale.

I think I am going to hold on to this bike a little while longer, maybe change the bars and see if that makes a difference in the ride.

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