Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bonty Qball Fahrt

No, I did not spell the short form for flatulence incorrectly. "Fahrt" means ride in German. I wasn't liking the Bonty on the Fixation because it was slightly rubbling the underside of the fork. Decided a little extra volume on the Qball wouldn't hurt.

If I remember correctly, the Qball can handle up to a 29x2.3 rear tire and as you can see below, there's plenty of clearance with the 29x2.2 and I did notice a nice change to the ride. The bike seems to have a little more float in the technical areas. I think I might take some air pressure out to see if that helps with the traction because the Gussy Trail is still pretty soft in most places.

It was the Fixation's turn to ride today but had to try the Qball with the Bonty on the back. I don't know why I never considered riding this way but as you can see by the track below, I rode up the Gussy and back. I have never tried probably because I have been ingrained to always ride loops, or try to at least, but what was interesting about riding it this way is the experiences of riding one way were still fresh in my memory when I returned going the other way.

For example, at the Double Cross, Via Roma and Hadrian's Wall, on the way up, I stopped to think about the best line to take but on the way back, I didn't think about it and just hit both. Both crossings ride really nicely, of course having the big wheels also helps immensely as I repeatedly find when riding through the Wet Spot.

The third stream crossing was a no brainer, but, some more work needs to be done on it. With all the rain we just had, the ramps/banks of the crossing are really soft and muddy. I am sure they will dry out but I think it may be prudent to add some more armo

The next shot is interesting and the question is, who dunnit? While it's possible that it's just Dog Poo, it could also be from a Coyote, Bear, or Mountain Lion. Yes, Mountain Lion, apparently one was spotted last week near Castle Hill Rd, which is south west of the Flag pole. There is an article in this week's Newtown Bee called Mountain Lion Mystery.

It's definitely not a horse, which by the way I am still waiting to hear back form the Horse community on what their idea of a good Poop Management Plan will be. After speaking with various horseback riders, the consensus seems to be Curb your Horse. If you are going to stop and take a break, then do so off the trail. However, as some riders have pointed out their horses often just do it on the move. Therefore, I think it's best that if you are riding along, on a horse of course, and it's in your ability to dismount, then please do so, and kick them apples off the trail.

Rode with the new NEMBA Trail Ambassador shorts today. The padding is nice but I am not sure about the colors. I thought the gold was supposed to be more of orange color but I guess that is what you get with spandex.

And of course, here is a nice shot the Qball with flox in the background. Riding this bike is such a pleasure and it keeps getting better and better every time. Not sure there is anything else that can be done for it at this point. I suppose the only think I could do is get a better fork but I am happy with what I have at this point.

At the end this great ride another great brew from BBC finished it off, Lost Sailor Pale Ale.


Anonymous said...

Boy that's a great tire!!!! It looks nice back there. I betcha some nice guy in CT gave you a sweet deal on that tire eh?

Mark said...

He sure did - he is my go to guy for parts and accessories!