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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fuji Dynamic 10

Another project has come into my possession with a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. Overall, this frame which is a Fuji Dynamic and hails from the mid 70s is in great shape that just needs a little cleaning, wheelset, better bars and a saddle and it could be a kick ass fixed gear conversion. The build might even take precendence over my Fuji Royale.

Look at the grease point on the BB - that is awesome! I have to borrow my father's grease gun and give it a try. I can't wait!

Cranks and rings are in great shape, too! Can't say the same for the bars, levers, cables on the rear wheel. Didn't come with a front wheel.


Raymond said...

hey! i found your blog! I am the one emailing you in regards to your bicycle for sale :)

Mark said...

Yes, this is what it looked like before I fixed it up.

david said...

Sweet! I've almost finished breaking down a 74 Fuji Dynamic 10 - gunna convert to single speed. Not the best of shape, but a fine project. Any extraordinary hangups during your overhaul? Is it cool if I shoot you an email if I hit a snag?

Mark said...

David -- cool. Make sure you clean out the BB and ensure the bearings are still good. When I did mine I thought they were good but a little later they bit the dust. You might want to consider using a sealed cartridge one just to be safe. Email is mark at cyclesnack dot com

Mark said...
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