Friday, August 06, 2021

Wauconda Forever!

With Summer hours in effect at work I was able to knock off early and go for a bigger ride, 10 miles more than yesterday. I really wanted to ride to Fox Lake where my Aunt keeps her boat, which would be a 50 mile round trip but I was meeting a friend from college this evening for dinner and couldn't afford the extra distance. 

I headed out to Wauconda Lake and it gets rural, really fast, which makes for much better riding than the suburbs. Along the way I found an Old Style sign that I had to get a picture of.  

 This is the best view of Lake Wauconda I could find from my route.  It seemed like a nice lake.

While trying to skirt around a really busy road, any numbered highway in Illinois basically falls into that category, I came across my first hill, but technically not a hill because it didn't register as a hill on Garmin ClimbPro. I did however have to drop out of the big ring to get up it.

Then I was on this straight, rolling hills, section of the route called Cuba Road.  It was so pleasant to ride I felt like I could go forever on it.

When I got to the end of Aptaskisic Road (try saying that 3 times fast) I had to take another trail connector to get over the Des Plaines River. Along the path there was this old miniature railroad that is part of Par-King Skill Golf, the world's most unusual golf course. 

There is no mention of the miniature railroad on the website but there are some other references here and there on the interwebs. 

The trail was paved until it wasn't and I was back on crushed stone. I had to take this to Deerfield Road and then back to my Aunt's house.

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