Thursday, August 12, 2021

More Cowbell

While I was in Chicago the 90mm EC90 Carbon stem that I ordered came in and so I took off the Ritchey handlebars that came with the bike and retaped the Salsa Cowbells that I got from a friend last month and installed the new stem.

I had a 70mm on it before but it was too short but the 110mm stem that came with the bike was too long. 

Earlier that day, while sitting in my office I had an epiphany of sorts about mounting my Serfas light to my bars.  The previous adaptations weren't working for me and while I was looking at the light as it charged for this evening's ride after work that one of my Garmin Quarter turn adapters that I got for an iPhone case would actually work on this.

I used a glue gun to add some additional adhesive and then took one of my old Garmin mounts and turned it upside down and mounted the light to it.

With the light mounted this way I can see the battery indicator while I am riding rather than not being able to see it when the light mount is attached to the bars upside down.

I pulled the trigger on a new Garmin Edge 1030 plus and with it came a new mount that conflicted with the other mount that I using for the light.

I took the K-Edge mount that I was using for my Garmin Edge 530 and moved the quarter turn adapter to the bottom and remounted the light with it.

Now it's perfect

However, now I am thinking about getting the Varia front headlight and all this is going to be moot. Of course it depends upon how transferable the Varia mount will be between the two Garmin out in front mounts that I have. If it snaps in easy then the set up I have for this and the Jamis will no longer be necessary and I can start using those lights on my helmet or has back ups.

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