Friday, April 03, 2015

95 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Savings from Bike Commuting

Gas:  5 gallons
CO2:  100 lbs

Yet another cold morning bike commute requiring me to be dressed to the nines for it.  On the ride in to work it got down 27 degrees F and it's April 2nd!  I think I am used to this now.

A few updates to the Bianchi, new handlebar bag previously mentioned, and I took my Vintage Cannondale Seat pack off the Synapse and mounted it under the seat and fits perfectly!  On the ride home Tuesday, I did loose a screw holding the rack and fender to the frame.  

Thanks to Cliff for telling me about an inexpensive way to make locktite, use nail polish.  I just so happen to have a bottle of black nail polish that I used to use on the Qball laying around so I coated the threads on the new screw, let it dry and screwed it in.  Removed the other and did the same.  After today's commute they are still holding tightly.

On the way in there were a lot more honks, thumbs ups, head bobs and waves.  The honks were not rude just commuters letting me know that they are more important than me because they are in a car and I am on a bike. The ride home was different story, got passed in the office park on White Turkey extension by someone with an inferiority complex of some sort doing 60 mph and to what end I ask because there is a busy intersection at the top of the hill anyway and they will have to stop.  That car was a BMW.

On the bucolic and lazy Old Bethel road another BMW flew past me.  Lastly, I rode down the dirt section of Pond Brook Road and that was a mistake. The wet sections of the road made it feel like riding in mud but I did get home in 43 minutes!  In fact my times both to and from the office were under an hour!

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