Wednesday, April 29, 2015

89 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Savings from Bike Commuting

Gas:  11 gallons
CO2:  220 lbs

Tuesday's commute was simply glorious!

I had to ride through town and stop at the Middle School
to perform my civic duty

Since I was already past the Newtown Flag Pole, I headed to the office on Rt 302
I realized how much I missed riding this stretch of road
It's still cold enough in the mornings to warrant a little snivel gear

I left the office kind of late

It was warm enough for shorts and finger less gloves
but I sill wore my jacket because the wind was fierce

I rode like bat out of hell to get home before it got dark.
I got home in 33 minutes which is the fasted time yet,
and I was on a singlespeed!

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