Thursday, April 02, 2015

Vintage Ventoura Touring Series Handlebar Bag

Here is the other bag that I mentioned in my previous post about my latest acquisition of another Vintage Cannondale Casey handlebar bag.  This one is from Ventoura, which from what I can tell is a British company that only makes motorcycle bags now. Ironically, this bag is an exact copy of the Cannondale Chugger Bag and coincidentally this is exactly what I have been looking for. 

I will have to order another custom bracket but it will be totally worth it.

This bag is so awesome!  It has 3 zippered outside pockets, and two open sleeve pockets on both sides of the bag.  Perfect for an iPhone, camera and snacks.  In the main compartment there is also another kind of pocket which seems almost like a shelf.  Handy for things you might need on a ride, like food.

Rather than hooking the straps to the end of the fork like what I have done with the Bianchi I am going to run a single webbing strap under the front rack.  Now I need to craft something for the rack to hold a light so I can do some night Gravle rides.  With all this blue on the bike it might be time to change my bar tape.  Might have to try orange just to keep it different.

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