Tuesday, April 07, 2015

May God guide the feet of these 26 riders

I was moved so much by the Invocation given at Team 26 rally I wanted to share it ..

Good God, we gather this morning with a renewed hope that our country and our world will embrace the mission of this ride to end gun violence that every hour of every day of every month in every year brings injury or the end of life to innocent children and adults, an action that fractures a family and a community and opens the wounds of pain, fear and grief.

May God guide the feet of these 26 riders and may our 26 Newtown angels be a constant inspiration to them to ride on in their efforts to obtain legislation that protects lives and to assure us as citizens that we can be safe in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our schools, in our places of worship and places that allow us the recreation and relaxation we need.  As their legs grow tired, assure them that they are not pedaling alone but that You are their guide and their strength along with all of us who stay with them in prayer.

May every push of their pedal be
..a push of remembrance for all who have died at the hands of gun violence regardless of age, race, faith or circumstances
..a push that holds the message that things can change when we work together for a common purpose
..a push of determination that it often only takes one with a mission to change the heart and mind of another
..a push that reminds us that no one should die senselessly at the hands of another
..a push that destroys evil

We pray that you keep them safe in this journey and watch over with blessing those they have left at home.  May each rider be lifted up by the voices of those who stand with them beginning from this public square in Newtown, through New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and finally in our nation’s capitol, voices of solidarity, gratitude and hope.  Ride safe and be blessed.


Msgr. Robert E. Weiss
St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church

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