Sunday, September 01, 2013

Stoopid Epic

As many will agree, Singlespeeding is Stoopid.  Who in their right mind would want to ride what everyone else rides with just one gear to choose from?  Why not have a plethora of gears to use and when it gets really tough cry home to momma only to find help from Granny!  Well, I am still not one of them.

One of my riding buddies wants me to do the VT 50 with him next year and I think I might do it, on my singlespeed, of course!  On Saturday, I set out to do a little epic singlespeeding riding.  Granted, there was some pavement, maybe 60% of it in fact but this turned into a really good ride.  I hit three areas:  Upper Paugussett; The Vineyard Trails; and Waldo.  I might have to try working in some more sections of Al's Trail to get more trail riding in and increase the mileage.

Looks like there is a new Trail Gnome in Town!

This is a well Engineered up and over on Al's Trail!

I noticed quite a few improvements behind the Vineyard.  There are still some sections that could use some better benching and it would be great if there was a loop, too!

Found the new skinny at Waldo

Took a break at the lake and talked to some Kayakers

The lake was really empty


Fresh bench cutting on Thing 1

There are three new trails at Waldo, Thing 1 which you see above is a short clip that connects to the beginning of Where's Waldo and to a section of WW before the big technical climb.  I think Thing 2 starts at the intersection of Daffy Duck and the Hunter's Trail.  Not sure where Thing 3 is going to start but that will be an awesome trail when it's done!

Time for a pit stop in Sandy Hook at the Village Perk

After 24 miles riding, nothing beats a cold pint of 'Gany Fest Lager!

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