Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket (EBB) for my Raleigh XXIX

When I learned that I couldn't get replacement bolts for my EBB I pulled the trigger on the Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket

An added benefit was 57 gram difference!

Usual prep routine, grease the hell out of everything!


While installation is a snap, final adjustments are little more delicate.  First off, to get the Race Face BB installed, you need to tighten up the Bushnell.  If you have to readjust at any point, after loosening the tightening bolts, they need a little nudge to recenter so you can slide it.  I use a 6 mm p handled hex wrench and a light tap from my rubber mallet.

The really tricky adjustment is the final tightening because when you think you are in the correct spot and you tighten it down it actually tightens the chain even more so prior to doing so you have to pick a point with just enough slack that it will be taken up during the tightening phase.  It took me quite a few tries to get it right!


TheBIkePedalingGinger said...

sweet investment, mine has not had a single hickup to date but I knew your issue could have very well been mine....

Anonymous said...

What size is the xxix ebb? I'm looking to replace mine as well, not sure on what size I need.

Mark said...

@Anon 12:01 PM, I got it through my LBS who sells Raleigh and knew exactly what size. I never asked unfortunately.