Monday, September 03, 2012

Riding with the relatives

My original plan was to ride from my house (leaving at 6:30 AM) and meeting up with Michele's Sister, her brother-in-law, and her step father at Taits Mill in Trumbull.  Woke up at 5:30 but something wasn't agreeable from the night before and thus all my plans changed.  I ended up driving down to the Parking area at Pepper Street and Cutler's Farm and had 30 minutes to ride down to the Taits Mill parking area where I would be meeting the others.

I got down to Taits Mill in 25 minutes!

While waiting for them, I rode around without my helmet to cool off!


Michele's 74 year old Stepfather, Larry, led the way up the trail. 

Sondra, Will and I hung back and planned future family rides in which we would bring our kids.

Turn around point for Larry is Wolfe Park.  Sondra, Will and I continued up another 1.5 miles to where I parked and then we parted company, they were headed back to Trumbull and I wanted to ride to the end of the trail and back as fast as I could to get a little more workout and some miles.  I rode past the town line on the 1600 foot section of the ill fated Newtown Railtrail.  It's still bare and the turn around is starting to grow in, so much that I hardly recognized it.  There are a few muddy spots to contend with, too.

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