Saturday, September 01, 2012

Building my Raleigh XXIX


The other night I pulled out some inspirational music on vinyl and commenced building up the Raleigh.  I basically tore it back down to the frame and fork and the took all my parts from the Kona and put them on the Raleigh.  I replaced the brake pads on the BB7s, add new cables and switched seat posts with the Spot. 


I took off the orange KMC chain because it's too wide for the Race Face Evolve Crankset and replaced it with an older SRAM PC-1 chain.  The crazy thing is that I could not get  it to tension with 32:20 gearing, no matter what I tried.  Changing the gearing to 32:21 got me perfect tension so if I want to ride with a 20t I will probably have to consider removing the bash guard to my other chain.  For now, 21t will be perfect for getting to know the bike and climbing with it.  As I get stronger and more custom to the bike maybe I will just go to an 19t and for Singlespeed Apalooza next year, I want to try and race at 32:17t.   . 


I have to disagree with Raleigh's statement "In Case of Boredom, Add Mud" in fact I take offense by it.  It should say, In Case of Boredom, just add dirt!"  Just say no to mud!  If trails are muddy then the trails are in bad shape and need boocoup work.





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