Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tandeming around Town: Getting the Vote Out

First things first, put the bike together.  I store the Burley in garage with the wheels off.

Then Katie and I rode to the Middle School so I could vote
in the Town's 4th Budget Referendum

which failed by 19 votes ... the people have spoken, stop raising our taxes!

Bike was making a funny noise when shifted into the smallest cog.  Turns out the chain was rubbing against bolt holding the rack on.  Need to remember to tighten the QR from the right side next time and make sure it isn't rubbing, DOH!

This is a fun bike!  I think some upgrades will be in order, like adding a suspension fork upfront with a disc brake mount and a mountain wheelset for more off road riding.  Who knows, maybe Katie will want to come to the Kingdom Trails with me next year and we'll ride the tandem on some of the easier trails.

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