Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Single Speeding Darling Hill at Kingdom Trails

Rode the Kona Unit 29er with Paula and Glenn on Saturday at Darling Hill

We didn't feel like waiting around for a shuttle from Burke Mountain, so we rode down the hill to East Burke and then up Darling Hill to the trail head.  It was fun on the singlespeed.

Took a long break on Eager Beaver and ran into some
fellow NEMBA members on the trail

Found this lunch spot at the top of Sidewinder

Paula and Glenn enjoy a nice break

The Chapel

Burke Mountain

Jesus does ride a mountain bike!

Goin' to the Chapel and we're gonna get ... 

Looking towards Stowe and Burlington

I don't need a bike blessing, I ride a Singlespeed 29er!

At the end of Violet's Outback

Post Ride Ice Cream at Chappy's

Bike Raggers

Maine's Muddy Boots Ice Cream

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