Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not much of nothing

As you can tell, I haven't been riding.  After last Wednesday's ride my knee was sore so I decided to take it easy and then I got the fishing bug.  Went fishing Friday and spent all weekend obsessing about going fishing again because in a couple of weeks I will be headed off to Canada to go fishing again.  I will soon make up for the lack of riding by hitting NEMBAFest at the Burke Mountain Resort in Vermont where I will plan to do a lot of riding!

Apparently, Gary Fisher will be making an appearance and this guy (above) will be there, too.  Only question now, is what bikes do I bring?  Definitely the Spot and the Kona but I was hoping to get the Raleigh XXIX done and possibly bring that up but I think the headset snafu at my LBS has dampened those plans.  Not to mention, bringing three bikes seems a little obsessive.  I could bring the Monster Cross and use it to ride from the Camp Grounds to Festival but I imagine that from the Festival I will be going out on a group ride so it probably makes more sense to just bring the Mountain Bikes.

Going to try some live blogging, or at least, as live as it can get with there only being one WiFi hotspot in the town of Burke.  Of course, afterwards, check back here for a full right up on the event and riding at the Kingdom Trails.

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