Monday, June 25, 2012

NEMBAFest: Camping at the Cutler Inn

Saturday morning at the Cutler Inn on Pinkham Road
Camping out with the NEMBAFest Volunteers
Harold Green cooking breakfast

Chris is seen here working on Tim's bike

Six links were removed from behind the cassette
but the spokes were trashed, which mean Tim's Kona He-He 29er
was down for the duration

Philip Keys

Paula Burton

Chris delivering the bad news to Tim

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Anonymous said...

chris was game the bike was not. on the upside, i got to demo the salsa el mariachi in both ti and steel. both seriously great rides, but i truly preferred the steel. this may be a near-future gap-filler in my quiver. thanks to chris for giving it the old college try, and to salsa for hooking me up for the weekend. mark- it was great to hang out and ride with you. we'll have to do it again soon! -tim