Monday, February 22, 2010

Yikes! Out of image space?

We interrupt this post to bring you the following:

I have maxed out my image storage capacity!

You might have seen a post from yesterday talking about another ride at Upper Paugussett and drawing the analogy that it was like being the second dog on a sledding team. Looking at this morning there were no pix because I hit my Gig of storage space. Probably going to buy the 20 Gb from Google.


29ner said...

hmmm interesting. I was not aware that could happen.

29ner said...

Thats a great birthday gift they gave you ;^) Have a Happy ! Keep the horse, you will miss it.

Mark said...

Yeah, it's worth keeping because it's the do everything bike.

Greg Heil said...

Wow that's impressive! I'll have to go back through your blog and check out some of the many images.

$5 a year isn't too bad for 20 GB worth of web storage. A worthy investment.

Mark said...

I pulled the trigger on that yesterday. Thinking back though, five years of blogging, I used up a Gig of storage for pix (I think I had some overlap with my club's blog, too). Now, 20 gigs (or is it 19), I guess I can blog for 100 years now!

Greg Heil said...

Yeh, it'll probably last the rest of your life!

Either that or just post a TON of high-quality images.