Sunday, February 21, 2010


Headed back to Upper Paugussett on Sunday for a slightly longer ride although coming back for the fifth time in a row is kind of like being the second sled dog, the view doesn't change much. There were things to do at home so at least I was riding. Tried something different in terms of my dress, wore a wool sweater and it really did the trick. It breathed when I got hot and kept me warm during the other times.

Definitely enjoying the Iron Horse. It pedals so nice that I just can't see giving it up. I think I will get some new pedals for it, red magnesium Crank Brother clipless platforms. Riding up the Gussy is so much fun now, it really becomes a different trail when you ride up it and then turn around and ride the other way. Only this time I hit the Mulikin, too.

There were some XC Ski tracks in the snow coming up from the Mulikin but the skier came straight up the ridge line. I have been meaning to explore this section some more but just haven't gotten around to it.

Otherwise, the Mulikin was virginal.

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