Sunday, February 14, 2010

It wasn't the Bottom Bracket.

I replaced the bottom bracket the night before on the Dillinger and then headed out Saturday afternoon for a good two hour ride at Upper Paugussett, hitting just about everything. The creaking came back fifteen minutes into the ride. Pretty sure it isn't the BB. Damn! Despite the unknown mechanical issue riding at Upper Paugussett was awesome! Snow was perfect for riding.

At the Gussy Trail, no recent signs of ATV activity, however, they have been using the fire road and my connector trail up from Pond Brook. Looks like I will have to try and put up some more deterrents.

The Gussy is riding sweet! Above is a shot of my friend Bill coming through the big pine. And below Bill attacking one the hike-a-bikes on the west side bridle trail. That's one the reasons I don't like this trail because of the hike-a-bikes. Still it was good to get back there and see if there was any more ATV damage and there wasn't.

Later, after dinner I did two things to the Dillinger: (1) changed pedals and (2) loosened and retightened the EBB. We'll see if that makes difference.

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