Monday, February 15, 2010

To Upper Paugussett With Love

After discovering the Upper Gussy raped by an ATV I decided that it was time to start re-routing sections of the trail to dissuade any motorized user. I rode the first section twice and I think it came out quite good, however, it needs to be ridden the other way to ensure it flows both ways. My plan is to put in a spaghetti like route taking advantage of every little rock outcropping and up and down terrain.

I ended up riding it twice today because I had a little run in with a tree and I lost my seat bag. I thought I was going to have to ride all the way back the way I came but found it where me and this sapling got intimate.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I changed the pedals and re-tightened the EBB and now there are no creaks! Granted, I am not sure what the problem was but my guess is it was the EBB.
I did get one little surprise on the ride, I lost signal with the sats and my track said I rode 22 miles and I got up to 75K feet of altitude. That's flying! I did have the misfortune of dropping my Edge the other day - hope this doesn't mean it's broken!

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