Sunday, March 23, 2008

Upper Paugussett Easter Loop

Took the 'Horse out for this ride and to quote my British colleague at work, the shifting is still dodgy on this bike after it's tune up. Otherwise, the bike road nicely. Took easy getting to Sanford Rd but once I hit the dirt, I took off. Met a hiker at the Echo Valley lot and we chatted a bit - told him about Upper Gussy. Hit the flat rock right after the gate and almost went endo. Tried it again and cleaned it nicely.

I think this is the first time I rode the 'Horse in this direction on the Brody Road and climbed really nicely. I stopped along the way and took various trail shots with my new camera. It's a Polaroid t830, 8 mega pixels, does movies, records sounds, and has a ton of features that would rival my Canon. The Brody road was wet in a few areas but the gravel bed made it still ride worthy.
Camera takes nice self portraits. As you can tell, since it is Sunday, I am not wearing orange. In terms of people, all I saw was the one hiker. I am surprised to see more and more people in the forest every time I ride there. Below is a nice shot of the Brody Road after you make the initial climb up

Below is shot of the 'Horse at the downed pine tree on the Upper Gussy. I am planning on a cut through for horses and an up and over for bikes.

In the middle of the picture below is the third stream crossing on the Upper Gussy Trail

As you can see, where the armoring will take place it's the narrowest section of the stream. In fact, one big flat rock could bridge it completely.

Here is the crossing looking from the opposite direction.

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