Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fixie Mountain Bikes

I submitted the Fetish Fixed-ation 69er to the Fixed Gear Gallery last month and waited to see it published, and waited, and waited, and finally I sent Dennis a note asking where is my bike. He asked me to send it again. I also asked whether he had any idea of how many mountain bikes are on his site, to which his reply was he had no idea. However, he did offer to start annotated the mountain bikes and if I wanted to go through the site and identify which ones are mountain bikes, he would update them.

I combed through the site found 22 mountain bikes being run fixed gear. That's 0.003% of the total population, of what I could find. Most tend to be Kona and Gary Fisher. There are few Bianchi, Cannondales, and other brands. There was one full suspension, which I talked about in my February 29th post. There were at least two 29ers, both Konas, and one rig with 650b wheels. No 69ers, so it looks like mine will be the first and Pete's Kona Unit 6-9, should he also publish it, would be the 2nd fixed 69er in internet existance.

Here is the list of Fixed Mountain Bikes that I could find (some of the pix wouldn't link directly into this post):

This bike is a recent, 2007 Kona Unit 29er. Check out the Maverick DUC 32 fork, White Industry cranks, sweet!

Here is another Kona Unit 2-9, only a 2006 model. Nice bike!

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29ner said...

Great job searching the FFG for all these. Must have taken alot of time to find them all. I am so close to finishing my KONA69erFixed but will not submit untill I have really ridden it hard a few times.