Friday, March 21, 2008

Sold the Dumpgoose!

Saw somebody looking for a URT frame on Craigslist and decided to let the Dumpgoose go and bring someone else joy and happiness. I was really tempted to turn this bike into a fixie because it's the only full suspension platform that could accomodate a fixed gear because it would maintain perfect chain tension because the cranks are connected to the same frame as the rear axle. That is until someone gave me a great deal on a track wheel for the Cannondale. The person who bought it from me is planning on using the URT section for an extra bike project.

Apparently, you can mount the bottom bracket, with some modification in the rear drops of the forward frame and then mount a seat or two along the extended frame like in the example below. Saves a lot of time and effort from taking a hack saw to a hardtail frame.

Here is Surly's Big Dummy. I think I would probably want to add some sort of tensioner at the middle drops section but the image below is a good example of how this would work.

And it would be a lot cheaper than getting a new Adam's Tandem Trail-a-bike which goes for $368 brand new. Adam's discontinued the tandem trail-a-bike a few years ago and I am kicking myself that I didn't buy the one I saw on Craigslist a few years ago for something like $275. I could really use one now for riding with Katie and Elliot.

Still, I like the idea of a DIY project. Couldn't find any good DIY examples. I will have to keep surfing the web till I find something. One thing I might try is hooking up the trail-a-bike to my Fixation and then connecting the Burley to the Trail-a-bike and see if that works. That way, I could pull the boys and Katie can be the stoker and we could really do some long distance rides.

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