Thursday, March 13, 2008


RAW stands for Ride After Work. Got out on the Fixation with the new bars and hit the Upper Gussy Trail. I really wanted to ride it from end to end to determine the actual mileage and when you include the section of the Polly Brody, it's 2.7 miles long!

Riding the Fixation with this current set up is by far the best, even when I had some squish upfront! It's all in the fork! The bars help, too, because they are pretty wide so you it lowers your center of gravity. Except for blinging it out a little more, I don't think I am going to touch the Fixation. It is here to stay as it is!

I ordered three Garmin Edge Mounts from Tiger GPS a couple of weeks ago. The Qball still has on of the first two that I got with the unit. The other one broke in the parking lot at The Hunt. I took a chance and mounted it on the stem and as you see, it rises pretty high off the stem. If I were ever to go OTB, my Edge will suffer. Still, this is most ideal spot for the Edge. I just have to remember sit further back when I am going down hill.

I wasn't planning on doing any work but I ended up doing some more marking and taking a closer look at some sections that might still need some more tweaking. At the end of the ROW I ran into Tom, who on his own, decided take care business with a chainsaw and cut up the blowdowns and the old tree that is blocking the trail route near the end of the forest.

And after good ride, what better way to celebrate getting home dirty and sweaty but by opening a nice cold brewskie on the chain tensioner!

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