Sunday, March 09, 2008

Is this the start of Mud Season?

I hope no one actually tried to ride today. We got a lot of rain and please do everyone a favor, especially after this type of weather, stay off the trails.

During all torrential down pours, I did the smart thing and never left the house. Instead, I put the finishing touches on my bike workshop. I got a Sette Torx wall mount clamp and mounted it on a post in the garage. Above is my new Nashbar T-handle hex wrench set, as well as other assorted tools within easy reach, especially a bottle opener. Underneath is a set of plastic drawers for other tools and parts. Essentially, I emptied out my two tool boxes and created a more stationary work environment.

I thought Barney the Purple Cannondale needed the bearings on the bottom bracket repacked and I was about to remove the cranks but after taking off the chain and feeling no resistance in turning them, they are not the culprit. I think the problem is with the chain. I am going to go with Sheldon Brown's recommendation of a 15t freewheel that I got from him in a email before he passed away. I think I might also replace the chain.

But I didn't stop there. Next on the clamp was the Fixation. Got some Azonic Strip Bars, in white and decided to further compliment the black and white motif that I have on the Fixation by adding these bars.

However, I discovered that I stripped the threads on my FUGly Stem by using a different hex bolt and after going through all my parts, I found my folly. I had mixed up the bolts from SAAGO stem with the FUGly stem stripped the threads. Doh! Funny, I had the FUBars for two rides and while they are pretty good, I prefer the feel I get with riser bars.

I replaced the stem with a Special Ed stem I got from Chesire Cycle last year. I rolled the bars a little forward and adjusted my seat back a little and there seems very little difference. Of course the other reason there seems no difference from the FUBars is due to their rear sweep.

Now that daylight savings is upon us a whole month earlier, I am going to have to get out and ride this bike in it's new configuration sometime after work.

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