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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

2012 Happening at Huntington

This year's Happening was a joint venture by The Connecticut and Fairfield County Chapters of New England Mountain Bike Association.  I am really glad to see this event doing so well now, for the seventh year in a row.  Of course, the big attraction are the bike demos and this year again, two demo trucks were present, one from Giant and another from Pivot.  I was tempted to try something light with full squish and big boy wheels but I love riding my Spot so much I couldn't give it up.

As far as the ride goes, since I had to leave early so I led a small ride and took them on some stuff that wasn't part of the marked courses for the event and some that was.  I also took them on the new South Park Trail that I am building because I wanted to see what it was like and get a good GPS track.  I can tell you that there are quite a few sections that still need a lot of work!  However, it was nice to lay some knobbies down on some parts of the trail that were still virginal.  I got some good helmet cam vids of the trails and this guy Kevin hitting some pretty big drops.  Check it out!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Video - love the look of "Rock and Roll"! Should have tried a Giant Anthem 29er full bouncer! Am going to try one soon to see how good they are for XC riding!