Sunday, February 12, 2023

Solo to Volo

Today's ride was aimed at riding somewhere new and getting as many new Wandrer miles along the way but on the roll out I had some synching issues with my lights causing me to stop and reset my Gramin. 

When I got rolling again, I got on these guy's wheels and drafted them a bit until they turned towards the lake while I kept heading north.

Continuing north on Saint Mary's its 4 miles of the straightest road I have ever ridden

Feet and hands were warm but the only thing that I could have used was a neck gaiter

The countryside went rural

and there were even some cows.

I picked some good roads because there barely any cars.

Volo is the next town northwest from Waconda and Illinois Redneck Country!

Not much to look at in Volo. There's a car museum and a Jurassic Park.
Looking up the town in Wikipedia I found out that it was only incorporated in 1993!

The Chevy is nice but I like my Jamis better

Looking back at Volo from the outskirts

After Volo I turned south and into the wind.
It wasn't a bad wind but it still sucked.

I came up on this guy riding an eBike but I didn't stop to chat, he had Fred written all over him.

In Volo I bought some water and chips and ate lunch in North Barrington

Then I continued riding more bucolic country roads

I passed the eBiker again

And then I was in the suburbs again.

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