Friday, February 17, 2023

Last day in Chicago

I woke up to this Thursday morning and knew I would be riding Zwift tonight.

I started out by riding London but then my computer locked up and Zwift wouldn't work anymore.

Switched over to the Garmin and started re-riding my ride from the night before and stopped at 13 miles getting a 25 mile for the night.

Then it was time to disassemble the bike

My bike bag has a frame in it that uses the quick release axles. It will also work with through axles, too.
Packed up the bag, through all my kit into it and weighed it to ensure it wasn't over 50 lbs.

On Friday afternoon, I said goodbye to my co-worker and my Aunt dropped me off at the airport and I flew back to Connecticut.

I brought 4 burritos with me on the plane and they were surprising still warm by the time the drink cart came by.


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