Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Wednesday Ride after Work

I headed out from my Aunt's house at 5:30 and it was surprisingly still light out. I took the same route north as I did for Monday's ride only it was overcast and didn't look the same.

Heading over to Libertyville I got on a section of the Northshore Rail Trail that I haven't ridden before and came across a road that reminded me of home but in now way is it the same.  Where this road is a carpenter's dream, the one back home has two sections of climbing well over 12%.

Tonight's route was a miss mash of greenways, neighborhoods and few major roads but many of the big roads have dedicated bike paths way off on the side/shoulder of the roads.

Three miles of tonight's ride was on this greenway trail. There were quite a few cyclists on this trail and most didn't have proper lighting or were wearing helmets.

In one of the neighborhoods I saw this house with a colorful christmas display but it's February!

This would be my last outdoor ride of this trip as there was snow in the forecast for the next two days.

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